以下是 ASCII 控制碼的十進制編號、簡稱、全名。

0NUL  Null 16DLE  Data link escape
1SOH  Start of heading 17DC1  Device control 1
2STX  Start of text 18DC2  Device control 2
3ETX  End of text 19DC3  Device control 3
4EOT  End of transmit 20DC4  Device control 4
5ENQ  Enquiry 21NAK  Neg. acknowledge
6ACK  Acknowledge 22SYN  Synchronous idle
7BEL  Audible bell 23ETB  End trans. block
8BS  Backspace 24CAN  Cancel
9HT  Horizontal tab 25EM  End of medium
10LF  Line feed 26SUB  Substitution
11VT  Vertical tab 27ESC  Escape
12FF  Form feed 28FS  Figures shift
13CR  Carriage return 29GS  Group separator
14SO  Shift out 30RS  Record separator
15SI  Shift in 31US  Unit separator

32SP  Blank Space

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